Window Restoration


The window restoration team at Kirby Perkins Newport is your solution for any repair or renewal needs. Our team of craftsmen has decades of experience in the repair, rehabilitation, preservation, and restoration of any window component. We are uniquely qualified to assess your particular situation and provide the proper resolution. During assessment, the team will thoroughly investigate the entire window system to determine overall operational, structural, aesthetic and weather resistant capabilities of each window, as well as a look at overall moisture issues present in the structure.

The operational assessment looks at the original design of the window, how it operates, the balance or pivot positions, and any changes or modifications that were made. Original and/or updated weather-stripping is noted. In almost all cases, operation of the window can be restored to the original design and function with proper rehabilitation.

A structural examination involves a deeper look into how the window was made, the type of materials used in construction and repairs or damage caused over time. Whether it needs minor or major repair, our team uses the proper elements and techniques to restore structural integrity.

The aesthetic assessment involves the condition of interior and exterior protection coatings such as paint, varnish, and glazing. Since original finishes may still be present underneath, field microscopy may be undertaken to determine and document those finishes for future use. We can then recommend the proper finish and waterproofing system for that particular application.

The ability of the window and frame to properly shed water and protect the building is of paramount importance. The condition of the above systems, along with a look at the building structure environmental system is considered. This allows a detailed analysis on how building moisture is handled, and if condensation, infiltration, or vapor diffusion is an issue. Corrective actions with windows, doors, HVAC systems, and the roofing and siding protection all play an integral role in protecting both modern and historic structures.