Custom Home Construction


Our home construction division is widely known for its attention to detail and for delivering the finest craftsmanship. The quality delivered by our in-house team is why the most discerning homebuyers consistently turn to Kirby Perkins Construction to build their dream home. We have built custom homes from 3,000 to 17,000 square feet utilizing a wide variety of construction materials and methods. The fact is that if you are passionate about quality and originality in a custom built home, the clear choice is Kirby Perkins.

While we have worked with many architects and designers over the years, we also have  our own staff of  architecture design and interior designers should you choose to utilize them. In addition, our in-house millwork team can help design and deliver on the most intricate design detail you can dream up.

Lastly, you will sleep better in your beautiful, custom built home knowing that our craftsmanship is guaranteed for life.